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20 May 2010

Run for the Legos!

I believe I left off, intrepid readers, with what was one of the most exciting weeks of my recent life. Most exciting, in fact, since... um... mumblemumblemumble.

So I capped off my week o' collegiate glory by taking a day off. Sorta. I already had a day off planned for after the OKC marathon, ended up not doing the OKC marathon (sniff!), so I moved my day off to the day before the monthly local race: The Race for the Arts.

This race coincides with the Lubbock Arts Festival. I would like to point out that I love that Lubbock has an Arts Festival. I think everywhere should have an Arts Festival. I really, really like the idea of an Arts Festival... but I personally have had very little to do with its practise.

You see, I am an Arts Festival nightmare. I go, I peruse every booth, I talk to the artist, I ooh and aah over the really cool stuff that is produced... and then I walk away. Without handing over any cash. Not what the good Arts Festival folks were looking for. Sorry, Good Arts Festival Folks!

So, this year's theme was "Life. Lego Art. And the pursuit of happiness." I love Legos. I think most kids would be better off if their toyboxes were filled to the brim with Legos and nothing else. And, wow, did the Lego artists outdo themselves in the stuff they produced. Unfortunately, I have no pics, but there were life-size people, a bicycle (half a bicycle, to be exact; the other half was an actual bike), various buildings... I can't even remember them all. I was totally wowed. Also on display was a tremendous Star Wars Lego scene, and a model railroad, complete with Lego village. It was brilliant.

The race... was less brilliant. It was cold. It was raining. It was windy. There were not enough layers of clothes in the known universe, and certainly not in my closet, to keep me warm that day. But I survived, and even managed to have a little fun.

I skipped a day, though, didn't I? I took Friday off work to help woman the running club packet pickup at the Festival. It was raining & cold on Friday, too. And I think I managed to cement in the minds of many that the only job I am truly capable of doing for the running club is handing out water. I have managed to completely screw up every other job I have ever undertaken. Oh, and cut up fruit & bagels. I'm pretty good at that, too. Registering people, taking money, clicking the finish line clicker, collecting tags-- I can't do any of those. And I'm not all that great at handing out awards, either.

The running club may be happy to see me go.

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