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25 May 2010

We can be heroes!

So, that was April. One of the most exciting months of my life, and yet hardly anything happened. Cool.

We started teaching in Journeyland for the first time at the end of April. Up until now, we've been Journeymen-- that is, we go from room to room with the same set of children for the entire rotation (8 weeks). This time around, we are staying in the same room and all the children come to us.

And that room iiiiiiiiis-- the craft room! What other room could we possibly do? Okay, Chad would like to do the Geography room, but he would be doing it without me, because I am a crafty woman. Geography, not so much.

We are studying Heroes of Faith, and our section is women of Acts. So on Sundays, we talk about how we usually can't think of many women in the Bible, and we go over some of the reasons for that, with an emphasis on how much women were serving behind the scenes. And then we make slipper socks, as a reminder of the women of the Bible making their own clothes.

Wednesday night is when we get specific about Lydia, Priscilla and Tabitha. We talk about their faith. We talk about their hospitality. We talk about their service. And then we make key chains, which the kids have to give away in the same way that Tabitha gave her creations away.

We're now in the last week, because this is a short rotation. We've loved it, but Journeyland is nearly at an end for us forever. And I'm pretty sad about that.

Sock and key chain pics to follow!

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