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13 October 2011

Multi-Modality and Me

So I got home today and said to Chad, "The universe is telling me that I was not meant to drive. I wonder when I'll decide to listen".

Cars2go are actually blue and white.
But otherwise, they look like this.
Why? Well, I was up late with two papers yesterday, and decided that if there was a car2go (the local carsharing scheme) in our neighbourhood when I was ready to leave, I was going to take it. Lo and behold, there was one, so I jumped in and drove to school. (I haven't driven to school in years!) Unfortunately, when I parked it, I got an error message that the car couldn't connect to the network so I should park somewhere else. Since I was already running late for class, I called customer service and got them to lock the car so I could go to class.

And then I decided to take a car2go home, too, because I was in a hurry after work. We have an airbnb guest coming tomorrow, and our apartment desperately needed to be cleaned. So I'm driving along, thinking to myself how much I love having all these options for transportation: car, bike, bus, foot... and then I miss my exit off the freeway. The GPS in the cars2go doesn't announce turns, but you also aren't meant to be distracted by it, either, so I hadn't looked down to see that my exit was coming. Le sigh.

I still got home faster than I would have done by taking the bus. My apartment has been cleaned. And tomorrow I'm taking my usual bus/bike combination, because it's a very efficient way of getting around. I love being multi-modal, but I think the 'driving' mode may not be my thing.

Is there something the universe wants you to stop doing? Do you ever go multi-modal?


Jenny said...

The universe wants me to stop accumulating the supplies/materials for more than 2 dozen craft/art/creative projects all at the same time. But I stuff its mouth with a chocolate chip cookie and carry on anyway. :)

mybabyjohn/Delores said...

The universe wants me to pare down the contents of the house but I just keep tripping over stuff and ignoring it anyway. You cn't give your family away.

Karen Peterson said...

This car2go thing sounds really cool!

I've come to accept that the universe wants me to stop trying to lose weight. Every time I get into a routine, I get injured.

Su said...

Sigh... the universe wants me to do all those things, too. :/