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31 October 2011

Youve Painted a Quite Picture

I should start a regular post about my spam comments. Really, we all should. I get some serious entertainment in my spam filter.

Perhaps brinkka2011 should
ponder this. Source.
So, this one came from someone called brinkka2011 who, a casual Google search tells me, gets around the blogosphere and sneaks past some spam filters to leave ridiculous comments all over the freaking place. This particular comment was on my post about it being my 1000th post. If he (or she) is looking for cheap publicity, well, here it is! His (or her) statements are in red; my hypothetical replies are in blue.

How is it that just anyone can publish a blog and get as popular as this? I know, it's a scandal. What can I say? I bribe my readers! Its not like youve said anything incredibly impressive more like youve painted a quite picture through an issue that you know nothing about! Funny, my rhetoric teachers say the same thing. Well, sort of. They say it with better spelling, correct punctuation, and fewer adverbs. Although I did write about my own blog in this instance, so I'm confident no one knows this issue as well as I do. I dont want to sound mean, right here. Oh, don't you? You're doing it wrong. But do you genuinely think that you can get away with adding some quite pictures and not truly say something? Yes. Yes, I do.

And now if you'll all excuse me, I'm off to figure out what a 'quite picture' is.

Anybody else get good spam comments? Should we have a spam comment blogfest wherein we all make fun of our spammers? I bet you all would come up with some brilliant stuff to answer back.


Anonymous said...

Not sure what a "quite" anything is....sadly, I've never had anything in my spam box. I guess I just haven't gotten "popular" enough for them.

Su said...

Heh. That's so *sad*.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I used to have days where I got 20-40 spam comments in a single day. I'd almost forgotten about spam until just now. I disabled anonymous commenting. My regular comments have also dropped some as a result, but at least I don't have to deal with tons of spam.

But if you ever DO find out what a quite picture is, you should totally blog about it. Because I'm sure it's important.

J E Fritz said...

Ha! Sounds like brinkka is jealous. Not surprising :)

I've never gotten a spam comment as "good" as that one. Just variations of the generic "Wow! tHis is so amasing youve really iluminated this subject for me." We really should have a spam comment blogfest. It would be hilarious.

Su said...

@Karen: My filter catches all of them... I haven't had one get through in ages. I had forgetten about needing to delete spam comments until the other day. This is only one of many gems.
Maybe I'll work a quite picture into my NaNo novel.

@JE: Apparently I wasn't illuminating enough for brinkka. I get a lot of comments in Russian, and goodness knows what they say.

Danette said...

I don't get any good comments like that! I am jealous!!! Mine are mostly stupid like "I found a lot of good information here" when I posted a poem or a long spam in Russian. I mean I want a good one I can write a blog on!!! lol Congrats on finishing NaBlo!

a runners' life said...

Quite picture - that's gotta be a first. Spam's a pain but it sure is entertaining. I used to get spam in Chinese - didn't understand much of it even after putting it in Google Translator.

Su said...

@Danette: I get so much Russian spam. Clearly, we're both very interesting to Eastern Europe.

@Runner: Ooh, Chinese! That would be a new one for me!