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15 October 2011

The Hours

This post has nothing to do with the movie of the same name. Although it was an incredible movie, if memory serves.

So I was walking along yesterday, thinking about how I was going to have to get up at an ungodly hour on a Saturday so I could get some research done at UT's collection of old things. (By the time you read this, I'll have been hard at work for a few hours.) (Really hard at work, not what usually passes for 'hard at work' around here.)

This is what heavenly beings drink
out of, yes? Source.
Presumably, God is awake at 7 AM on a Saturday morning, but perhaps he's only just awake and still on his first cup of coffee. After all, he has to stay up late on Friday night and save a lot of people from themselves. Friday night must be a busy night in Heaven, what with all the guardian angels having to report back about their respective humans doing really stupid things, again.

So there's probably a lot of stumbling around in heaven on a Saturday morning. Angels in their bathrobes, trailing the belt behind them because it came untied, lining up at the coffeepot. The angels who have sensible, non-going-out humans are all bouncing around in a good mood, watching the cartoons and annoying the I-was-up-too-late crowd. Angels in the administrative department are fielding requests for power outages, cold snaps, or beer shortages to happen the following Friday evening so celestial beings can get a decent night's sleep.

And meanwhile, God is watching over everything and thinking about striking with lightning anyone who dares mention an ungodly hour.

Were you up at an ungodly hour today? Yesterday? Tomorrow?


Carolyn Counterman said...

Cheeky girl... I was up all night due to being sick and the hubby being even sicker... laid down for a "nap" about 7:30 this morning. This is, of course, not our typical Friday night/Saturday morning schedule, but evidently some virus is spreading through the Austin metro area. So be careful. Wash your hands frequently after touching all that stuff that has probably been touched by who-knows-who. xxooxxoo c

Anonymous said...

Great visual...I can just see all those angels, their light just a little dim, rubbing the crust out of their eyes and holding out their cups. Please Sir, I want some more.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I don't like getting out of bed early, but when I do I love the quiet and peace as well as the deer usually hanging out in the back yard.

Liz said...

Define ungodly. Weekdays, school starts at 7:30 AM. Is 5:45 ungodly enough?

Su said...

@Carolyn: Yikes! And if there's a virus spreading around, my classmates are sure to get it and attempt to pass it on.

@Delores: I know my light is a little dim in the morning! ;)

@Susan: That's the sort of thing that makes it worth getting up!

@Liz: Yes, 5:45 is most certainly ungodly.

mshatch said...

lol. I was not up at an an ungodly hour but it was earlier than I'd like for a Saturday morning.

Katie Gates said...

As a self-employed person, I keep my own hours. And I'm often heading to bed when others are beginning their days... I love the picture you've painted of heaven. I'm concluding there might be cubicles up there... (to me, that's ungodly!)

Su said...

@mshatch: "Earlier than I'd like on a Saturday" sounds like it's the next-door neighbour to 'ungodly'. ;)

@Katie: Ugh, I think so, too! Perhaps the cubicles are for the morning-person angels?

Carole Anne Carr said...

Loved the post! Still smiling..

Su said...

Thanks! Glad I could put a smile on your face.