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11 December 2011

New Church

I'm so far behind on things I want to blog about. I may have to sit down and make a list. Tomorrow may be Write Lots of Blog Posts Day in addition to be Catch Up on Blog Reading Day.

(Follow-up on Friday's post: I'm done applying to grad school! I still need to get my transcripts and GRE scores sent, but the part that involves me writing statements of purpose and begging teachers for letters of recommendation is finished. And now, I wait.)

Chad and I decided a few months ago that the church we were attending wasn't quite the right fit for us. It didn't really feel like home, and since when we moved to Austin we left behind a church that had been a family to us in every sense of the word for our entire marriage, feeling like we were at home is pretty important. You might say we have ridiculously-high standards, and you would be correct, but the former congregation wasn't doing it for us.

The church we go to looks nothing
like this. Source.
So, we started looking. And a few weeks into our search, I took a wrong turn on the way home from UT one day, and ended up on a very busy street during rush hour. I was considerably freaked out, since this street had no bike lane, and was relieved when I got to the street that I had actually been aiming for (a much quieter street with a bike lane). I got a good look at the building across the street while standing at the red light, and since that building was a church, I Googled it when I got home. Chad and I liked the looks of it, so we went to visit. And kept going back to visit. We went off-and-on all summer long, and finally decided in October that this church that I found by accident is the one for us. We really do feel at home there.

I'm sure I'll end up giving them nicknames eventually. Maybe I'll wait and see if any of them decide to start reading my blog first. In the meantime, they're all lovely people.

What's important to you when choosing a church? And for my non-church-going readers... What do you like to do on Sundays?


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

It is important to attend a church where you feel part of it, isn’t it? I used to go to one close to my home, but just never really felt as though I fitted in properly. Unfortunately, it put me off going anywhere at all for years. My dad’s a minister, and so over the years I’ve met a lot of clergy, but most of them were rather less than inspirational. It’s encouraging that you’ve found somewhere. Maybe it’s time for me to start looking again.

Su said...

Yep. The right fit is crucial in groups of people as much as for your clothes. :) Best wishes in your search!

Deniz Bevan said...

Lucky you! DH and I are still scouring our neighbourhood. Maybe I should get lost a little :-)

Su said...

Yeah, it was the best wrong turn ever, I think. Good luck!

Karen Peterson said...

I don't look for new churches when I move because I'm LDS and our congregations are based on geography. You belong to a ward based on where you live, and, with some exceptions, that's where you go. This works out pretty well for me most of the time because I approach it with the "bloom where you're planted" mentality.

Su said...

I bet that also eliminates people driving across town when there's a church right there in the neighbourhood, too. There's a lot to be said for going to church where you are.