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16 December 2011

Wrap It Up

In the spirit of the holiday season, let's talk about wrapping paper.

I don't use much wrapping paper. I've managed to amass quite a collection of gift bags over the years, and I like them so much that I use them almost exclusively. So, yes, my lesson here is: Reuse those gift bags! And if you must buy a new gift bag, please choose one that is durable and nice-looking enough that the recipient will want to reuse it.

This is wrapping paper that is totally
worth rescuing. Source.
So, wrapping paper. My obvious suggestion is of course to remove the paper from your gifts carefully, fold the  tape under, and roll or fold it neatly for reuse. If all the gift recipients in your house are old enough to do this, brilliant. If not, don't toss that ripped up paper right away! You'll need confetti for your New Year party, right?

For paper that is ripped too small for reuse later but is too large for confetti-making, get creative before you toss. Save the pieces with your gift bags to use as tags next year. Do you have a kid at the paper-tearing stage? You just got a few minutes of non-destructive amusement. Use the non-colourful side for scrap paper or for the kids to draw on. Wad it up as packing in your next package. If all else fails, recycle.

And it wouldn't be Christmas without one more bonus suggestion. If you have some scrap fabric laying around, or a colourful t-shirt that has outlasted its usefulness as a shirt, or a scarf that you don't really wear, consider using those to wrap a gift instead of paper. Break out the hot glue or the string to hold the bottom together and tie it up on top. This is an especially good option for the crafty friends in your life, who will likewise not throw the fabric away but will find something creative to do with it! Even if the friend uses your old t-shirt for dusters once the gift is put away, you've still saved one more thing from the landfill plus relieved your house of a tiny bit of clutter. And I don't know anyone who doesn't love that.

How do you wrap gifts? Do you have another environmentally friendly, stress-saving, creative suggestion?


Anonymous said...

Santa doesn't wrap, daughter uses bags and resuses them, sometimes I use a bit of paper or basket wrap. The presents are minimal here so there isn't much waste. Bows are always salvaged and Christmas cards are saved for gift ties next year.

Julie Hedlund said...

If you get a gift box from a store, simply have the kids draw and color on them for the wrapping! :-)

Su said...

All excellent ideas!

Anonymous said...

These are really great ideas! I always reuse gift bags for Christmas, and keep all the ones I get to use them again, too. I guess this Christmas I'll try to be a bit greener.

erica and christy said...

I reuse any gift bags given to me and give them to most of the recipients of my gifts over the age of 15.

The kids get to dive in (but most gift wrap is recyclable and we do that, too). :)

Su said...

@Madeline: Yay!

@Erica: It's hard to hold the kids back. :) My brother used to have two goals: Get the wrapping paper off in as little time and as many pieces as possible.