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09 December 2011


So, since we last met...

  • I finished NaNoWriMo. (71129 words! Beat my goal by 1129!)
  • The semester ended. Final grades are still pending.
  • I finished applying to UT grad school, and made a sketchy start on the other two schools I'm applying to.
  • Chad and I went to Lubbock to see a friend get married.
  • While there, we also got to have a look at some brand-new twins.
  • And the Christmas Tea, which I was chairwoman of for a couple of years, has new life and a new name under some new leaders. I got to go to that, too.
  • I've already started reading for next semester.
  • And I went back to volunteering more often than once a month at Bike Texas. A surprising number of them still recognise me.
This is my stack of
books for undergrad
research. Minus one book.
And ten scholarly
articles. Holiday reading
at its finest.
The thought of everything I managed to finish in the last couple of weeks makes me want to go lie down, because it didn't seem so bad when I was in the thick of it but looking back I'm surprised more people don't hate me from me being ├╝ber-cranky at them. 

This weekend is Grad School Application weekend here at the Cheeky house. And also Finish my Research Proposal weekend, because that reading I've started is for my undergrad research project for next semester, but I haven't turned in my proposal yet. I'm hoping my thesis adviser is patient and understanding. 

What does all this mean? Well, I hope that next week can be Catch Up with All My Blogging Friends week, once I get through this weekend and finally feel like my semester really is at an end, instead of mostly at an end. Wish me luck.

What are you doing this weekend? Anyone else applying to grad school? Do you think we should organize a Let's Take A Nap blogfest?


Anonymous said...

You are a whirl wind of activity. Time to put your feet up and have a bit of a rest before Christmas hits you smack in the face.

Su said...

Oh, are we still having Christmas? I'm sure I asked for it to be postponed... ;)

JEFritz said...

Whoo! What an impressive list. Once you're done with your applications, we can have the "Let's Take A Nap" blogfest. No one will notice, though, because we'll all be asleep.

Su said...

Hey, nice pic! See, I walk away for a couple of weeks and people change their pictures. ;)

I am all in favour of a sleeping blogfest that nobody notices.

Lauri said...

Ha - it's my catch up with blog friends week too! Congratulations on NaNo! I barely squeaked through with 50,031 words. And good luck with your applications!

Su said...

Cool! A win is a win, even if you crossed the finish line at 11:59.