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08 June 2012

Lettuce Commence

Lettuce all ready to eat! In the
background: sage, rosemary, and
Amongst all the other things I planted during spring break were a couple of boxes of lettuce. I ate the first round of them in mid-April, and then planted more. They've grown up again since then, so much that I could harvest some for my family to have with our tacos when they were here last week. I'm having a hard time judging how much to harvest at once, though; I tend to pick too much for just me to eat at one time.

Also in the garden: the green onions are doing well, and we can probably start eating them if we want to. I've already pinched off some rosemary and sage for some soup that I made, but the rest is still growing. And after weeks of staring at me and doing nothing at all, my oregano is finally starting to grow.

Baby lettuce, planted five days ago.
I had two tomato plants, both of which have tomatoes on them already. But a few more tomato plants magically appeared in one of my lettuce boxes and among my bell pepper plants. Why? We're not sure if it was pollination or a few rogue tomato seeds in the other packets, but whichever it was, I dug them out and transplanted them into their own pots.

Finally, I've planted more marigolds, after not a single one of my first lot took. That's really a bummer, because I'm planting them to keep the aphids away from my tomatoes, and marigolds take a couple of months to flower. They should be around in time for my second round of tomatoes, I hope.

Do you have a garden? What do you have in it?


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I had the same problem - picked way too much lettuce the first time. But I paid attention to how much I had in my colander (I just pick into a colander so I can rinse easily at the house) and the next time I reduced 1/4th and now I know just how full it needs to be not to waste :-)

JEFritz said...

Your garden looks totally delicious. If I didn't have a knack for killing everything I planted, I might try one for myself. Good luck with the marigolds.

Su said...

@Lisa: Great idea!

@JE: Some of them have sprouted seedlings. Here's hoping!