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07 June 2012


This is one of those names that is walking around on a lot of people, but is no less of a good name for all that.

Derived from the Latin Paulus, meaning small. It remains popular throughout the Christian world due to Saint Paul. It's currently #186 in the U.S., 13th in Austria, and 25th in France. For some reason, Behind the Name doesn't show a recent ranking for Northern Ireland or Scotland, despite the name being #93 in N. Ireland in 2008 and #94 in Scotland in 2009. It's hard to believe the name would go from the top 100 one year to not even in the top 1000 the next.

Famous Pauls: Paul Hamm (Olympic gymnast), Paul McCartney, Paul Newman, Paul Revere, Paul Simon, and approximately 15378 other people.

Fictional Pauls: Paul the wine guy (Friends), Paul Buchman (Mad about You), Paul (Pete's Dragon). 

My Pauls: In addition to knowing way too many people called Paul, including a few that I'd rather not know, I do have a character called Paul. He's kind of complicated. He's slow to trust people and keeps pretty much everything inside. I'm not sure where I'll go with him, but he's fun to write.

Do you know any Pauls? Who did I miss? (I gave up trying to think of any more.)



Liz said...

Yes, I do know a Paul. My father.

Su said...

Aww! Brilliant!