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12 February 2015

Signs You Moved Away from Greenfield, Indiana

I just got back to Austin after an emergency trip home for a funeral, and while I doubt this post will be interesting to anyone else, it's what was on my mind the last few days. So! A few indicators that you grew up in Greenfield, but moved away a while ago:

The old-old library in my hometown. Where I learned to love
the smell of books. Source.
1. When people say something about "the old library," you still think of the one on North Street and not the one by the high school.

2. Speaking of the high school, what have they done to the parking lot? Or the door you used to always use?

3. And hey, look, it has two stories now! You finally have a use for that elevator pass you bought when you were a freshman.

4. You act surprised when someone suggests Dairy Queen in the winter. It was better when it was seasonal, obviously.

5. You still say you're going to "Reasners" or "3D," if you're ever so mad as to go to whatever is there now.

6. Lincoln Park is apartments now? Cool. Pity it's for old folks. I'm definitely not retiring anywhere this cold.

7. Okay, the Pennsy Trail is awesome, but it was more fun going through here when it wasn't allowed.

8. Are roundabouts the new crop circles?

9. Don't even bother going to Riley Park. The good slide is long gone.

And finally...
10. You're surprised that all four clocks on the courthouse display the same time.

Okay, my life in Greenfield was a bit dull. Bet some of my high school classmates could come up with a considerably more, ahem, interesting list.

What are some quirks of people who grew up in your hometown?


Amy Phillips Shaw said...

I'm still sad that the playground behind the post office is gone.

Su Wilcox said...

Me, too. And the playground at Weston is rubbish now, too. The one at Harris is still pretty good.

J E Oneil said...

Aw, sorry about there being a funeral. The list of different things is funny, though. Don't you just hate it when things change :P

Su Wilcox said...

The good slide being gone still makes me sad.