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02 February 2015

It Will, In Fact, Calm Up

Maybe I need to rethink my theme days. I literally thought, "What are some things I like to write about?" and then wrote those things down on my front page. Intentionality, it seems, is not my strong point.

I can't get over how much I love that
there are things called "chilling stations".
Unfortunately, I need to be a little less
But this week it has to be. The semester is back into full swing, and I can't hide behind denial any longer. I'm running the Austin Half Marathon in two weeks' time (yeah, I KNOW, I just did that a week ago-- the race calendar in Austin needs an attitude adjustment). My house is filling up with unanswered mail and my container garden sits on the balcony sadly neglected-- two plants need topping up with fresh new soil from my composter, three more need repotting, and one sad dead basil plant needs removing.

The only way to get it all done and make sure that my husband remembers what I look like is to be intentional. I have a laid-back deal-with-it-as-it-comes approach to life, that's all well and good sometimes but leads to elevated blood pressure all the rest of the time. "Maybe I'll just read this fanfiction for a few minutes before I go to sleep," for example, is not the greatest way to either enjoy fanfiction or get enough sleep.

So! Running. Homework. Work work. Blogging. Sorting through the dang mail. It's all on the list and I need to get on it.

What are you being intentional about this week?

(If you read this post hoping for a Stargate thing based on the title-- sorry.)


J E Oneil said...

I'm being intentional about all the things I have to catch up on now that I'm back online. I feel like I missed so much!

I've never seen a chilling station before :)

Su Wilcox said...

They're all over campus and I still have no idea what they are.