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29 January 2015

3M Half: I got some free tape

Yep, I got one of these. It's shiny.
Source: 3M Half Marathon Facebook page
If you're not familiar with the 3M Half Marathon, brought to us by the people who make Post-It notes and therefore pretty much rule my life, here's the short version: It's a fast, fun downhill course and they hand out the best swag bags the world has ever seen. ("Swag" = "Stuff we all get" in this usage.)

Chadwick and I were up dark and early on Sunday morning because he had to be in his course marshal position by 6:35, and that spot was a few miles from the start line where I needed to be, so after watching Andy Murray lose a set over my pre-race oatmeal & tea (he went on to win the match, for those not keeping track), I gathered up all my race paraphernalia and out we went.

The race was great, punctuated with a few memorable moments-- some people from church had organized themselves to come out and cheer, so I stopped for hugs at miles 6 and 11 (and mile 7, where my √ľber-race-volunteer husband was stationed). I know the crowd support was excellent, although truthfully the only sign I remember was a guy who was dressed like a pirate with a sign that read, "Run Your Booty Off!" And he was shouting encouragement in Pirate. This guy also went above & beyond-- he was at mile 5, presumably until everyone went by, then he drove down to the finish line and stood there until everyone finished. I hope they gave him a medal.

Oh, and there was a bagpiper at mile 1 who was murdering "Scotland the Brave." I think he was running out of breath by the time I passed, but it made me all kinds of sad. If you must murder something on the bagpipes, stay away from "Scotland the Brave" and "Amazing Grace."

As far as my own race went-- I ran faster than I thought I would, so I finished all kinds of happy. As a bonus, my body has figured out how to deal with this stuff now, so my legs are all well and recovered enough for me to do a long run later today. (I usually do those on Saturday, but we're promised a downpour this weekend, so... no, I think I can squeeze it in today.)

And that's the game! My next half is just over two weeks away, at the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon presented by I can't even remember who. I just know it's not Livestrong any longer. (If you click that link, watch the entire slideshow on the front page. Totally worth it.)

Presuming the rest of you aren't running 10 miles this afternoon-- what fun things do you have planned for today? (Or tomorrow, or whenever?)


Anonymous said...

Congrats not only on the great run but on recovering so quickly. I would have loved to see that pirate.

Su Wilcox said...

I'm hoping a photo of him turns up somewhere on the interwebs.