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15 January 2015

All Things New

Just kidding, hardly anything is new.

Yeah, it's a new year, and yesterday I started a new semester of grad school. Two days ago, a new legislative session began. (While I'm not into politics--meaning that beyond voting for the candidate I think is likely to screw me over the least I don't care for the debates and polarization--my job requires me to at least have some awareness of the legislative cycles.) I have some new books (for school) and a couple of new ideas for the blog.

One of them being, you know, to actually blog from time to time. I hate going such a long stretch without blogging.

But in a more important sense, nothing is new. I've had this blog since 2004. I've had this grad school since 2012, and this job only slightly longer than this school. And as for the year, I'm starting to think they come in bunches these days. For example, I sincerely don't even remember 2011. I think some important things probably happened that year. I don't know what they were. Am I owed a refund?

(And this is coming from a teetotaler, y'all. Imagine if I were a drinker.)

I know y'all can relate. I'm sure it would be worse if I had small people in my house, magically becoming less small every day. But it's bad enough just looking at all the new grey hairs every morning. I feel like this:
Except I'm not even 30 even more. I'm hurtling toward 40 at a really uncomfortable pace. Not that I mind getting to 40 too much--that's when I become a master's runner, after all, and I've been looking forward to that--but it's still a looming milestone that I feel like I should be too young for. Especially when so many of my friends are around 25.

"So what, Su? Did you come here to complain? I can do that by myself," I hear you saying. And no, I did not. I came here to say: I'm choosing to celebrate the same old things like they're new things. The old things are all the more valuable for me having known them for so long, anyway.

What things are new for you? What are so old that you can pretend they're new again?

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