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19 January 2015

One Week to Go

I'm running a half marathon next Sunday (the 3M Half Marathon in Austin-- one of the best-organized races I've ever run. Runners, it needs to be on your list!), and this is probably the best prepared I've been for a race in years, which is not saying much, unfortunately, but there you are. Anyway, no one is allowed to even think about germs in my presence this week. In fact, it's probably best that you not sneeze while reading this, just in case.

From my first half marathon
in November 2008. My then-
supervisor at work took one
look at this photo and said,
"Oh, that looks painful."
Source: WTRC archives.
Running has been a pretty important part of my life off and on since I was in middle school, but this latest iteration has been since 2007, with some unfortunate long gaps in between runs in the years I've been in university. (Nothing says "serious runner" like owning running clothes you never use, amirite?) One of my goals for this semester is to put my classwork and my running ahead of the extracurriculars that tend to get in my way, like watching Downton Abbey (I've not seen the last two episodes. Could my addiction be over?) or reading fanfiction. Those things can wait until I graduate, or at least until spring break.

So! If you have any spare positive half marathon vibes to send me, I can find a safe place for them. Otherwise: What are you up to this week?


Anonymous said...

Positive vibes headed your way lol.

Amy said...
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Mia Hayson said...

Oh my goshhhhh all the best half marathon vibes to you!!!

This week I am just trying not to fall totally on my face all of the time on the icy pavements. I feel weak! I should be running like you!

Srsly, good luck. I hope you have a great time (is that what you say before a run? maybe idk have an OKAY time but I hope the sense of achievement is there and that afterwards they give you at least two of those silver blanket things and some tea)


Su Wilcox said...

Thanks, Delores!

Eeep, Mia, you should totally be running to me! We have a nice & warm forecast for the next couple of weeks with no ice in sight. And thanks for the good wishes! A half marathon is equal parts great time and okay time (unlike a full marathon, which is equal parts okay time and OMG this SUCKS, whose idea was this??).