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05 April 2015


So today was both the most depressing and also the most joyous Easter I can remember.

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Let's start with the easy one. When Chadwick & I went looking for a church a few years ago, high on my "must-have" list was that the worship service had to be joy-filled. I was tired (and still am) of churches that have a joyless, lifeless worship service that may as well be a funeral. If that's your cup of tea, great, but it's not mine.

We were successful at finding a church that's filled with joy, by the way, and today the church was especially so, and for that I am thankful.

But it was also very sad today. Sundays have just been hard for the past six weeks, and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. I've been warned that holidays will be extra-hard, but honestly? We've never been holiday people. It's not like today was our anniversary. It was just sad, like every other Sunday has been, and I only take special note because, as I said, it was the most depressing Easter I can remember.

Also, I made these for the Easter brunch at church, and they were a huge hit. You should make some. (The person I was sitting with for breakfast, when I described the steps: "But how did you get them to stay rolled up?" Me: "I don't know.")

He is risen, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Life throws us some pretty terrific curves at times. When the hubs lost his last parent and I lost my last parent it became obvious that holidays would never be the same again...thus...we changed up how we celebrated them. That helped a little. I think you are showing signs of great strength...attending your church and contributing to the Easter feast....with that kind of determination you will come through this time and move on.