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27 April 2015

"Packing is for leaving. To stay you have to un!"

Denise (my sister, for those not keeping score at home) mentioned this brilliant quote from M*A*S*H season 1, episode 3 while we were unpacking this weekend. There's a lot of un in our future. And that's after getting rid of a lot of stuff prior to the move. How do people manage to collect so much stuff, especially people who spend as much time at home as we do?

(I added "green living" as a tag on this post, mostly to emphasize how much it's not. :/)

Our books & DVDs right now. I may never see them again.


Delores said...

Moving is a b**** but it is a great opportunity to purge.

J E Oneil said...

People collect so much stuff because it's so impossible to let go of it. Unless you really have to...

Su Wilcox said...

Yes, both true!