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22 April 2015

Time (Or: Please Send Chocolate)

This doesn't have anything to
do with my post, unless it's me
burning the candles at both
ends. All the candles.
So, just in case anyone was wondering: final semester of grad school + legislative session + moving is just a bad combination, even if you don't add in being really sad. (Although, obviously, I do.) Throw in friends coming to town (yay!) and going to the theatre twice in three days (stress relief, obvs) and you just have a recipe for disaster.

I'm beginning to understand why some people turn to substances for help with coping. (I'm not doing that; no need to stage an intervention. Yet.)

I'm posting this during a 10-minute break in class. Time to head back. See you after I graduate.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck......you can do it.

J E Oneil said...

Good luck with your studies. A million hugs for you.

Su Wilcox said...

Thanks, ladies. Almost to all the finish lines.