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12 August 2015

Look to the Rainbow

More crayon art! This one is a (slightly modified) quote from the musical Finian's Rainbow, not only because it's a quote I've loved for many years, but also as further proof that I do know about musicals that aren't Les Miserables. :D 

So, the proper quote is "follow the fellow who follows a dream," but I went for a more gender-neutral version for my own wall since the person following the dream may well be me, and I'm not a fellow. The sentiment remains the same.

And obviously the rainbow colours of this piece reflect the name of the show. I'm almost out of crayons, but not quite, so now I have to come up with something else.

The song the quote comes from:

What quote would you put on your wall?


Nora Sue said...

I'm going to go melt some crayons now.

Su Wilcox said...

You should! It's way fun, but does require a certain amount of patience. And willingness to go around crayon-splattered.