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08 August 2015

Who Am I?

From Davide Guglielmo on
Identity is kinda one of those fundamental things that humans kind of need to navigate our way through the universe, yeah?

I managed to upend mine a bit in recent months, what with graduating and changing my job (and getting a car-- never realised before how much of my identity was tied up in being car-free) and, you know, that other thing that people are a bit nervous about mentioning in front of me.

It's in the back of my mind a lot, that my identity is in flux at the moment as I adjust to this new normal, but it comes into sharper focus when I run across TV shows about teenagers (Girls Meets World, for one) and discover to my horror how much I have in common with their teenage angst. I wasn't planning on doing this more than once in my life. At least this time I don't have raging hormones to go along with it.

One more thing to work through on this journey. Well, I was getting bored of all the other things, anyway.


Delores said...

Over the years I've had many identity 'changes' if you will as I progress from loving child to wife, mother, employee, daughter of aging parents, retiree...but I think my favourite identity is 'grandma'. I've had mini identities as I've gone along such as poet, painter, baker, decorator but none of those really stuck. Grandma...that's the one I've had the most enjoyment out of..the one I've done the best at and the one I'll carry with me to my grave. Those of course are all secondary identities to the main one of 'child of the universe'. We are all stardust and our main function, I believe, is to recognize each other and to be kind.

Su Wilcox said...

If I tried to hang on to my mini-identities I'd really have troubles! Grandma, I fear, is one that will never be for me, but Auntie (biological or not) is pretty fun!