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12 December 2015

Current Life Goal:

Goodreads has these neat widgets, although some days I
look at my "Favourites" shelf and think, "How did that
get on there?" I must have been in a really good mood the
day I read some of these. 
Keep my Goodreads to-read shelf under 1000 books.

I know that sounds like a reasonable goal, but if you've met my brain, you understand how it might be a problem.

I'm sitting at 999 and reading as fast as I can.

(Are you on Goodreads? Let's be friends!)

Seriously, nobody recommend me any more books. My other current life goal is to finish reading these before I die. I may need to set some serious reading goals for 2016. (Speaking of, my list of favourite reads from 2015 coming on New Year's Eve. Or maybe New Year's Day. Stay tuned.)


J-Mom said...

It's hard to make time to read. I do it when I'm at the laundromat or on occasional evening. I have wish list on B&N that is getting longer and longer. How do you find time to read?

J E Oneil said...

Wow. I am both impressed and a little scared at the thought of 1000 books on a TBR list. Good luck with the under a thousand goal. You may have to start avoiding all book mentions. :)

Su Wilcox said...

J-Mom: Well, it helps that I'm not a mom. I read on buses a lot and instead of watching TV, and when I'm waiting on things.

JE: Me, too. I'm not sure how this happened.