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31 December 2015

Goodbye, 2015

Lately, when people ask me how I'm doing, I either say, "Okay" or "I don't know." Both of those things are true.

The turning of the year brings a certain anticipation and the feeling of a clean slate, both in years when I set goals and in years that I don't. I do have goals for 2016, but I've kicked most of them off already, partly because starting a new thing on a Friday feels weird even if it is New Year's Day, and partly because it's hard to be festive this year. I'm not going to wake up any less widowed tomorrow than I am today. On the upside, 2016 can't possibly be worse than 2015 was, so there's that. (On a personal level, that is. On the societal and worldwide levels, well, here's hoping.)

There's a new world, indeed.
However! Without a doubt, the best day of 2015 was Saturday, July 25. I visited the Museum of Modern Art and saw Les Misérables on Broadway (plus a couple of other things) all in the company of my bestie. In the midst of an otherwise terrible year, that day shines like a beautiful beacon.

If I were to write to the cast of Les Mis, I would tell them what a bright spot they were in my year. I'd thank them for such a beautiful performance. I'd probably gush about how much I love this show and how they were all a joy to watch. I'd talk about how seeing the show was both escapism and healing for me. And I'd wish them all the best for 2016.

And I wish that for you as well. Happy New Year, friends!


Ruthie Beaudry said...

Happy New Year!! I have more goals this year than I've EVER set. But I think my goals in the past have consisted of "run a half".

Delores said...

May you have many more bright and shining moments in 2016.

J E Oneil said...

I hope there are many more July 25s for you this year. Hugs!