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04 December 2015

The Wiz

Holy smokes. Holy smokes, y'all. If you didn't watch The Wiz live last night, ease on over to NBC and watch the replay. Do it NOW, before they take it down and start charging for it. Prepare to be blown away.

I was not really surprised, when I checked out hashtag on Twitter yesterday, to see that your average racist on Twitter is not a theatre buff (and apparently doesn't know how to Google), and so doesn't know about The Wiz and the show's history. I wonder if those folks have heard of Hamilton yet?

Source: NBC's Twitter feed.
So, idiots notwithstanding, the show was glorious. The costumes were beautiful, the staging was excellent (a glimpse of a camera in the first scene was the only glitch I noticed), and the singing left me needing to lie down. NBC finally found a formula that works for its annual live musical, and it was breathtaking.

I checked Facebook this morning hoping to squee or otherwise gush with my musical-loving friends about The Wiz, only to discover that no one said anything about it. Seriously? During the okay Sound of Music live a couple years ago, my Facebook timeline was full of bitter complaint--not about Carrie Underwood's atrocious acting, but about it being the stage version instead of the movie version. I said then that I had just discovered who among my friends actually likes musicals vs. those who like movies. Guess I just got my confirmation. Thank goodness for Twitter!

Did you watch The Wiz? Did you love it? Are you a musical fan, or do you just watch when there's nothing else on (or neither)?


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

We didn't watch, but recorded it and the girls and I plan to watch this weekend. I hope it's wonderful!

Su Wilcox said...

It is!