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23 February 2016

V is for Velvet

With any luck, I'll finally finish 2014's A to Z Challenge in time for 2016's to begin.

So, my favourite book that begins with V:

Image source: Goodreads.
Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell

I read this book so long ago I can't remember why I gave it four stars on Goodreads, but you know, the pickins are indeed slim at the end of the alphabet, so it didn't have a lot of competition. I do know Rob Bell is a talented communicator, so I'm not surprised I gave it such a high rating.


Rachel Wiseman said...

I just read this for my Composition ll class! It is a great book! What stood out to me the most was his chapter about truth. We can find truth in many different areas and avenues (which we obviously have to determine for ourselves), and not all of it is going to be labeled "Christian". But that doesn't mean it isn't from God. For example, he sole about a Muslim practice where in this particular culture, you see lots of unfinished houses in the works of remodeling. They have a practice of not being in debt, so they just build when they have money, and wait until they can pay for the renovations in cash. Certainly a practice our Western culture could use some thinking on. Some may see this as "bad" or "unChristian" simply because it is a Muslim practice, but I think it is safe to say it is a truth. And truth is from God. He also highlighted how Paul in his letters, quoted some of the philosophers of the day and related what they said back to God. (Truth is from God, and we have to seek out those truths and claim them) Anyway, it is definitely a good read. Rob Bell has a certain way of expanding your focus to see the bigger picture.

Sharlan Proper said...

That's high praise from two wise authors! It'll be on my reading list.

Su Wilcox said...

Ah, there you go, Rachel remembers why I like it! I should store more of my memories in younger brains... :)

Crystal Collier said...

Hah! Finishing your 2014 A to Z... That's awesome. I've only participated twice, but if I can't get all the posts written in advance, I back away. Life is too crazy to bring on the stress, eh?

Su Wilcox said...

Yep. I'm already planning this year's posts. Much easier that way!