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06 February 2016

You Can't Just Walk Out of a Drive-In

Aaron. Tveit. Aaron Tveit on my TV. Aaron Tveit singing, dancing, and bad-boying on my television. Yes, please. (Although I do agree with at least one review I read that said Aaron Tveit is not that believable as a bad boy. He looked guilty for most of the show.)

Seriously, Grease Live was gorgeous and fun and a total delight. Having a live audience was a brilliant move. The cast was phenomenal. I hope someone at NBC was watching, taking notes, and resolving to do all subsequent musicals better.

That hair is really defying gravity. (Yes, this is approximately
the 2198th time I've made that joke.)
Source: Fox Facebook page.
Having the drag race on the stage was kind of dopey, though. They tried a bit too hard there to do the movie. Like the other three live musicals in recent past, this show was an amalgamation of the stage show and the movie (although the internet audience still doesn't seem to get there is musical life beyond the movie screen). I giggled a lot that they made the words to "Greased Lightnin'" more family-friendly but left in the scene in the backseat.

Also, if you missed Lin-Manuel Miranda's live tweets, wow, did you ever miss out.

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