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01 June 2016

Indy Mini: It's About Dang Time

We took my grandma
along to the race expo.
She learned how
much running shoes
cost and posed with
this car.
This race was on my bucket list for 19 years. 19 years. I'm like the Aaron Burr of recreational running.

When I was 19, I watched coverage of the Indy Mini for the first time. I was sitting in my parents' house channel flipping, and when I saw the crowds of runners, I thought, "I want to do that." Little did I know I'd double my age before life and I finally got on the same page about me doing that, but this year was finally the year.

2016 was the hundredth running of the Indy 500 and the 40th running of the Indy Mini, so they went all-out, up to and including Meb Keflezighi starting from the back of the pack so that as many people as possible could run with him. He passed me right at the three-mile mark.

Not everybody gets one of the personal thank
yous from kids who participated in the 500
Education Program. I got one at packet
pickup because I'd come from so far away.
Isn't it great?
Was this race everything I'd hoped? Indeed it was. Crowd support was great, organization was fantastic, running on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was absolutely brilliant (yes, I kissed the bricks-- if you're gonna run this race, better go all-in), finishers medal is spectacular. And the volunteer put it on me, which was really cool.

My family came along, even though I warned them they would be bored, but it seems they don't mind standing around downtown Indianapolis with thousands of other people for four hours. The start times were staggered, so that after they saw me cross the start line they didn't have long to wait until the race winners came in.

I already registered for next year. Who's with me?
The race includes one lap around the Speedway. I grew up 30 miles from here
and this was my first time ever visiting the Speedway. The yard of bricks is
straight ahead of me, in front of the pagoda.
(I don't know why there's a pagoda at the IMS.
I'm sure there was a reason when they built it.)

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