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27 June 2016


I'm hesitant to write about the job search process, just because all the advice for jobseekers points to it being a terrible idea to ever admit online that you're looking, and even terribler to say that you're frustrated. But I am, both of those things, and I know I'm hardly the only one who's doing this right now. Writing it down is a fast way to find out just how much worse it can get, methinks.

Source: ssva on freeimages.com.
There's the initial step-- this job description sounds good,. Then researching the company--yeah, okay, this sounds like a place I can spend 45+ hours of my week. Refine the resume for this company, agonize over the cover letter (except we're supposed to be writing Pain Letters now), read both backwards to find any sneaky typos, hit send. Fix a drink, lie down for a few, rinse and repeat.

And then wait.

I don't do HR for a living, so I have no idea what the percentages are on how many of my resumes are likely to make it past the initial screening, or how many of those pique anyone's interest enough to go into the possible-interview pool. I'm guessing the odds are not technically in anyone's favor. And then there's the interview process itself--don't say anything dumb, try not to fall down, don't fidget, make eye contact but not too much eye contact, and even if you get all that right, the interviewer(s) still may not like you just because of something goofy that's outside your control.

Fix another drink.

Eventually, I know this will turn around and I'll land the right job (or one of the right jobs--I'm not looking for my soulmate, here). I can't wait to have somewhere to go every day, and more importantly, my own space to come home to at the end of the day. I appreciated beyond measure relatives who are willing to let me crash on the cheap, but I have got to get my own rooms with no other people in them. And some local public transportation, for goodness' sakes--that's the worst part of being stuck in my hometown.

And those things are pretty good motivation to keep searching and end this interlude as quickly as possible.

How long was your last job search?


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Honey's was 9 months. Not encouraging, I know. After 3 months he took a less than perfect job for even less than perfect pay...but it was something. Then after 6 months there he found his more perfect job where he stayed 6 years. THEN the soulmate job came along.
When he was searching, he heard over and over that it was easier to find a job while you were already working a job. This was a big reason he took the less than perfect job. He kept "job searching" the whole time he was at the less than perfect job.

Su Wilcox said...

I keep expecting to hear that, but haven't yet. Of course, I did start looking while I was still employed. :/