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12 February 2018

Coping Skills

I work in a building full of counselors, which certainly has its upsides, but sometimes I forget that there are things I don't want to say in front of them. Like, when discussing emotional upheaval, I say, "That's what I have running for. I don't know what other people do." They don't react, because they've been carefully taught not to, but that doesn't mean that I don't hear their sudden silence. Mwah hah hah.

These are great tools, but sometimes they're not the tool
that's needed.
And while it's mostly true for me (I also have chocolate, books, and crayons), that doesn't mean I shouldn't get my own therapist sooner or later. I absolutely should, rather than relying on the good vibes of my coworkers to keep me even-keeled. (I'm guessing they've figured out by now that I go around absorbing their affect, like an emotional vacuum cleaner.) I just haven't yet. I mean, it's pretty good chocolate, and if I run until I'm ready to collapse from exhaustion then it's easier to fall asleep.

This is my long way round to say that one cutesy little expression runners love, "Running is cheaper than therapy," should remain cutesy and never, ever be treated as absolute truth. Running is not therapy, and miles spent pounding pavement, even in the company of the best running buddies ever, is no substitute for a trained professional human.

Let's not use our sport to browbeat others or make them feel less than. (Unless, you know, you're beating the pants off your running buddy at your next 5K. That can usually be solved by the winner buying the first round of drinks.) And let's never treat exercise as a replacement for other needs. Running has a huge place in my life and I'd be a lot worse off without it, but I never want to use my miles or my words to hurt someone. I'd rather use them to bring us all together.

How will you bring people together this week?

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