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16 April 2007

Bible Bowl Weekend: Part 1

I don't know if you'd call this weekend a comedy of errors, or perhaps the lighter bits of a tragedy, or maybe just what happens when a group of people get together and do things.

So on Friday morning Chad and I went to pick up the rental vans for the trip, only to find out (much to our horror) that we were the "only authorised drivers" of the vans. Chad and I were not planning to drive to Abilene. Turns out, though, that was a problem easily fixed.

So before we even left, one sponsor dropped out of the trip, one of the drivers came late (and had to be rushed to the car rental place to hand over his driver's license before we could go), and several of the girls started off their first round of bickering. So we left late, inciting Rebecca to panic (since she was in charge of all the arrangements). Then we ran into some zero-visibility blowing dust. All that and we still arrived in Abilene on time to get to the gymnastic sports centre.

I would like to take this opportunity to say, if you are ever bored in Abilene, go by the Gymnastic Sports Centre. It is fantastic.

After an enjoyable couple of hours of playing, we went to our (somewhat disappointing) hotel to check in and unload, and then on to Gatti's for the children to stuff themselves with pizza and finish running themselves ragged before heading back. Also while at Gatti's, I was dancing along to "YMCA", causing one of the other adults to remark, "I would say she is re-living her youth, but she is too young for that."

Whatever. Someday my grandchildren will be dancing along to "YMCA".


Kar said...

That's great about the YMCA thing. :) Quite a trip.

I think shortened forms of names work. I like yours and I like mine. :) I could claim that Lita is another form of my name but it's a bit of a stretch--I took it from the fact my parents call me Karlita sometimes.

Su said...

Actually, my first thought when I read your "re-naming" post was that you already had a shortened form of your name. :) So apparently we're on the same wavelength.