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09 April 2007

Jogging on Monday

I really don't want my blog to turn into a running journal. But that is, unfortunately, what is on my mind just now...

So last week did not go so well. I ran on Monday and Tuesday (and was very distressed on Tuesday to find it was a 3-mile day, not a 2-mile day like I had thought), Wednesday is a normal rest day, and after that the wheels came off the wagon. Thursday night was Bunko, Friday night I went to Tenebrae, and Saturday and Sunday saw me with a severe case of too-cold-itis. So I had to get back into it this evening or risk, as I said to Chad, turning into a lump. (Especially since this is chocolate-eating week.)

I puttered around the house as long as I could this evening, but I finally had to just go out and do it. And it turns out that five days of rest has done me at least some good-- I enjoyed the run without feeling like I was about to die. This week also marks me upping my run/walk ratio from 2:1 to 3:1. So at the end, I finished my two miles in 23:50, which may be a sad time to most, but for me it was brilliant.

Perhaps running three miles tomorrow won't be so bad, after all.

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