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01 April 2007

Sort of running

So Lubbock Daily Photo this morning was arduous; I composed my post yesterday and saved it as a draft, so all I had to do this morning was push the button. Well, that's not what happened. Thirty minutes and some HTML messing-with later, and we're all set now, so I suppose it wasn't that arduous.

Speaking of arduous, I ran three miles for the first time yesterday! Even calling it that much I feel like I'm truth-stretching. I am starting back into running regularly, a hobby which I have dabbled with off and on since I was 12. But in order not to get frustrated/burnt out/injured, I am going very gradually; I've taken an easy training schedule for a half-marathon and adapted it for my own needs, and I've started off running two minutes, then walking one (repeated as many times as necessary). And I run pretty slowly anyway. As I told Chad yesterday, I thought I would feel triumphant since I ran two miles and three miles in the same week (both of those things for the first time in years), but because of the walk breaks I don't really feel like I did it.

But that will change. In the meantime, I have next Saturday to look forward to: four miles!

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