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31 March 2007

Saturday afternoon it is...

And I should SO be doing something else!

Only a couple of girls showed up last night, but we did our best to have fun! I think they were pretty bored, though. (Actually, one of them informed me that she was bored every five minutes, so I'm taking it as a sure thing.)

Anyway... so the Tulsa workshop came and went last weekend, and the gathering of a bunch of ex-aim people as well. I've heard it was brilliant. I've heard I really missed out. I'm sure both of those things are true.

I'm amazed, however, that this is also true: I thought I would be sad on the day of the event. I wasn't. I thought I would be bummed at reading everyone's blogs about it. I'm not. (In fact, I was so convinced that I would be sad, I've avoided everyone's blogs this week.) I still wish we could have been there. It would have been brilliant to see all those people. (And honestly, just "seeing" probably would have been enough for me to go home with my cup of joy full; I don't think I would even have needed that many conversations to have enjoyed myself!)

But as I've realised the past few weeks, our family is at South Plains now. Our ministry is there. And if I had been at aim-a-pa-looza (how do you spell it?), I would have been thinking, "Man, I wish ___ were here." (Rebecca, Trisha, Kathy, Lisa, Tammy... I could go on and on. Oh, and their families, too.) Because for some odd reason, my brain works that way. And even more oddly, it takes events like these for me to realise how much I love our "family".

I'm so glad everyone had a good time. And I'm sorry I missed it. Maybe next year. (I am assuming that those concerned are planning to make this a regular event, yes?) Perhaps we will even have children to introduce to everyone.

But don't be surprised if I show up with a South Plains directory in hand.


Lita said...

Was this the 5th grade girls? Sounds like a tough crowd. ;)

That's cool, though--that South Plains is like familly to you now. I'm glad. :)

Su said...

Very tough crowd. :) Included the resident "problem child".