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22 March 2007

6 AM is a good time of day

We had our first women's prayer group this morning!

I don't remember if I've blogged about this, so here's the RD version: The men in our Bible class have had a prayer group for years, I got a bit jealous and said the women also needed one, someone said I should just start one then!, I started to explain that I have all the personality of dead grass and that me starting things usually does not work out, and the person sitting next to me (Kathy) said, "We'll do it!"

So, that was almost three weeks ago. This week I harassed everyone via e-mail (with more harassment to come... hehehe... I love this part), with the result that there were five of us gathered at 6 AM for fellowship and prayer. Now, this is more than double the two (Kathy and myself) that I thought we would have, so I was delighted. And the other women there were quite enthusiastic, so I have high hopes that we will go on, grow, and continue to meet for a long time.

And in other news... I need to get my house ready for the convergence of middle-school girls tomorrow evening. Can't wait.


Zack said...

Cool! I remember y'all too! It's great to hear from y'all again! My sister Katie is a sophmore at LCU right now. My parents and I are going up to see her next weekend. She's in a play that will perform then. I'm excited! I'm going to try to go see and visit with Kris and Barb. We got to go back on Saterday. Thanks for checking in and I'll certainly check in more with y'all! Be blessed!

Lita said...

That's neat about the prayer group; I'm glad yall got it going.

Um, Susan, I was talking about tree blossoms. Not really snow. Did you get enough sleep last night? ;)