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26 March 2007

This is why no one will sit next to me.

This amusing little interchange took place (of all times) during Bible class yesterday morning (Ken is the class teacher, there are three Bible bowl teachers (BBts) in our class, and two other former BBts besides myself and Chad):

Ken: So where do we first meet Barnabas?
I: (bit of a smart aleck) In Jerusalem. (Hey, somebody else said it, too!)
Ken: Okay, when in the Bible do we first hear about Barnabas?
I: Acts 4.
Ken: And what is he doing there?
I: He sold a field and brought the money to lay at the apostles' feet.
Ken: Right! (goes on to do some teaching that I do not hear, because...)
Bible Bowl teachers: (doing a lot of nudging one another and whispering, until one of them leans forward so that I can see her applauding me)
I: (turn brilliantly red and mutter) I'm so embarassed.
Ken: (Has the world's best hearing) What? What's going on?
I: (pointing at BBts) They are making faces at me so I'm kind of embarassed.
BBts: No, no! We are saying we should have known the answer.
Ken: (is confused)
I: (turn brighter red and try to hide behind my Bible)
Chad: (only just manages not to wet himself laughing at his wife)
Rest of class: (laughs a lot)
Ken: Okay, then, I'll give them the second half of the question. (Addresses BBts) What is Barnabas' other name?
I: (restrain myself from answering)
BBts: (look at each other)
Former BBt: Son of Encouragement.
Ken: Right! (tries to do some teaching, but the five of us are too far gone to come back right away)
BBt: Come on, Susan!
I: He said it was for you!
Another BBt: This is great, the two dropouts know the answers and we don't.
I: (turn red again)
Ken: I really didn't mean to start a Bible bowl war. Hey, guys, nobody is keeping score.
Former BBt's husband: Well, not this week, but for the next four weeks they will.
Class: (laughs)
I: Sorry!
Ken: (picks class back up and moves on)

In my own defence, most Sundays I am quite content to just sit there and let other people answer, but apparently I had my know-it-all shoes on yesterday. And, just for the record, the answer I restrained myself from giving is Joseph, since that was Barnabas' actual name, and "Son of Encouragement" is the translation of Barnabas. Good thing I didn't go there, I suppose. And in case there is any confusion, Bible bowl is studying Acts this year, hence the reason the BBts should have known the answer.

Actually, they have a good point. Now I'm kind of worried...

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