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17 March 2007

Okaaaaay... where were we?

Camp Adventure! So, that was fun. We missed aim graduation for the first time (for me) in ten years. Well, I guess I also missed that one year that I was in Scotland. Anyway.

So we go to the evening events every year, have a good time, and go on our way encouraged. This year it was Chad, not me, who said, "Sometimes I wish we were more involved with aim." Sometimes I wish that, too, especially after being around them for a couple of days. But the only way that is going to happen is if South Plains becomes an area church. I also have some pictures from Wednesday at Camp Adventure.

Speaking of aim and South Plains, I really want to go to the gathering of ex-aimers happening in Tulsa on Friday. I said this aloud to Chad, who said, "Let's go!" And we probably could; we would have to take a couple of days off work, scrouge up some gas money, find a place to stay, etc. But just as I was going over all this in my head, I remembered that we are having a slumber party for the sixth-grade Bible bowl girls on Friday night. Bummer.

But not really; this is, after all, why I went to aim in the first place. (Yes, I do aim in lowercase. It's too much trouble to hit caps lock every time.) Now I admit that I was not sitting around ten years ago thinking, "Gee, I hope in ten years I am still living in Lubbock and giving slumber parties for girls who are only babies right now!" But it is the giving of my time and energy to other people, because of the Lord, that brought me to aim. And that brought Chad to LCU, and both of us to South Plains. And it is what keeps us doing what we are doing now.

And that's why we aren't more involved with aim. (Or going to Tulsa.)


Lita said...

Well said. I think decisions like that are important, even if small, because, at least in my own life, I've had to clear up what it is I'm really about, and like you said, it's not always the most fun option. It's serving in little or big ways, whether they are obvious to other people or loads of fun all the time, or whatever. Like they say, knowing whose you are and what you're about.

I hope Friday night is a blast, but even if it isn't, you're serving God and putting his people and interests above your own. Wherever you are, I believe that puts you exactly where you need to be.

This was very encouraging for me to read. Thanks.

Zack said...

Good thoughts here Su. This is Zack Blaisdell here. Thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciate your encouragement. I will visit your blog more often and hope you'll visit mine again as well. I an ex-AIMer as well. Went to Scotland too. Beautiful place! Loved it! God bless you and your family.