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12 March 2007

Singing-- or not-- in the rain

I thought going for a walk in the rain was a good idea.

It wasn't.

We've had more or less continual rain in Lubbock since sometime early Sunday morning, which delights me to no end. But today at lunch, I was a bit disgruntled because not only had the rain precluded my cycling to work this morning, but also my noon walk. So, I decided to walk up the street to the hospital and climb the stairs again. When I left the office, it was a light drizzle; but naturally, once I was a block or so away, it picked up to a regular downpour again. People stared at me once I arrived at the hospital.

Not that this discouraged me in any way; I went all the way up the stairs to the 10th floor. Then, because I really did have three days of sore muscles last week, I took the elevator back down. I've decided small steps are probably better. I was starting to dry out a bit (that's a relative term), so I had hope of not dripping all over the office once I got back.

A vain hope, indeed! The downpour was showing no signs of slacking as I walked home in it. It is times like these that I am indeed grateful that my co-workers are used to me. After all, these are the people who were horrified by my bike accident, and who laughed at my landing on my face at the company Christmas party, and so by the time I got round to sewing my finger, they barely even blinked. And the same holds true for me walking in the door with the contents of an entire raincloud on my person.


Lita said...

Hey, it's good to be weird. You're probably the entertainment in their lives. :)

Although...maybe try stuff that's not so lethal. No more sewing fingers or anything, ok?

Su said...

I'm sticking to crochet for now; I can't possibly hurt myself doing that. I hope.