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03 March 2007

The mind wanders...

I am so tantalisingly close to having 100 posts on this thing...

My quilts from a few days ago have still not been delivered to their new owners. Why? Because the new owners refuse to answer my e-mails. Okay, not really, actually it is because they left church rather quickly on Wednesday whilst I dawdled about and did not try to catch them quickly enough! So I suppose I will deliver them tomorrow. :)

And in other crafting news, I have nearly finished a crocheted blanket for a two-month-old, which with some luck, will also be delivered tomorrow. Yes, that's me, Santa Su. Bringing joy to small children all over-- well, South Plains church of Christ. And also bringing laundry to their mothers. (Although I have yet to hear any mothers complain about this side effect.)

And I'd just like to take a few moments to extol the virtues of my bicycle. I'm very fond of it, possibly more fond of it than I am my car (possibly because my bicycle does not require insurance, petrol, or a monthly payment). Seriously, cycling is so liberating. I do not know why more people don't do it. The benefits in terms of health, money, and effect upon the environment are enormous-- and the time spent is but a small price to pay, to my way of thinking. I was listening to Dave Barry's book Dave Barry is not Taking This Sitting Down yesterday, and at one point he discusses how Americans like to spend time, money, and effort on exercise that has no point whatsoever. We'll drive to a gym to run on a treadmill, but we would never just run to the gym. Which I, naturally, thought was a good point. So why not invest that same time and effort into cycling, jogging, or something else outside, that does actually have some use and benefit? Plus, you get to keep the money you would have spent on the gym membership.

Okay, so I was actually talking about my bicycle. I rode it to the store yesterday, which is much faster than walking and (due to the close proximity of the store and the lack of space in the car park) about the same time commitment as driving. And while I was there, I took this photo of my nice bicycle taking a wee rest. This reminded me of one day last summer, when I had gone to the store on my bike and had to chain it to a tree (different supermarket). An elderly couple was sitting close by, enjoying a soda, and after I had secured the bicycle, the gentleman asked me, "Got your horse all tied up?" I laughed and told him I didn't want it running away while I was inside.

Speaking of good places to keep bicycles, Wal-Mart has installed a bike rack. I nearly fell over when I saw this a few weeks ago. I have frequently contemplated starting one of those grass-roots efforts to get more bike racks in more places (I am everlastingly tired of chaining my bike to a cart corral), but due to my own laziness and commitment to more important causes I have never bothered. But if Wal-Mart is doing it, I have hope for everyone else.

And I need to call my supervisor this morning to tell her about a mistake I made yesterday, thus allowing her to shout at me over the phone instead of waiting to hear it in person on Monday morning. When is the proper time to call one's supervisor on a Saturday, I wonder?


Lita said...

That's great that they put up a bike rack! Maybe more people are getting into it? I need to get a new bike as mine was stolen. Sadness--I loved that bike. I haven't...actually told my parents yet since my dad bought it for me when I graduated high school and it was a nice (more expensive) mountain bike instead of the thin-wheel kind.

Su said...

That is sad. I'm so sorry to hear that... perhaps the thief will have an attack of conscience? Or is that too much to hope for?