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26 March 2007

Some nice things happened lately...

So we were watching Princess Diaries 2 during the slumber party, and at one point (I believe after the line, "I'm Lily. Official best friend. I don't like you.") one of the girls said, "Susan, Lily reminds me of you." I'm afraid I was quite flattered by this, and said, "Thank you so much! I really like her." Hehehe. If you haven't seen the movies and don't understand, well, perhaps you should.

So today at my lunch break I walked up the street to do the stairs at the hospital again. (Couldn't ride my bike today; had to get some high-intensity workout in.) There is a sign on the door to the stairwell which reads, "This door STAIRS." And some very clever person (not me) had added underneath, "@ U." I kind of wished I had thought of it myself, but since "stairs" is spelt correctly, I don't think it would have occurred to me. And obviously spelling is no object to the clever person who came by, pen in hand. Oh, well, it sounds the same if you say it out loud.

The sign on the other side of the door reads, "This way LOBBY" and there just isn't much that can be done with that. If the sign maker had put in a comma ("This way, Lobby") then I might be able to add, "I'll let her know when I see her," but that's about it. And I'm not much into vandalising signs, anyway.

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Lita said...

You could just put a comma behind Way.