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05 March 2007

Hot Air

Well, I suppose I've reveled in my 100-post glory long enough. Time for 101, eh?

So, thanks to Lubbock Daily Photo I've gotten used to carrying my camera around with me, and stopping at strange moments to take pictures of strange things. On Sunday morning I reached for the camera before I left, then thought to myself, "I'm going to church, I'm not going to need my camera." And, therefore, on my way to church I saw two hot-air balloons sailing over Lubbock. Oops.

I had a very enjoyable Sunday. Most Sundays are good, of course, and I think I've expressed before that Sunday has been my favourite day of the week for many years, but yesterday was extra good. Can't really put my finger on why. I was sad, though, that my house group did not meet. I have gone from being skeptical about this group to absolutely loving it. It is possible that I annoy the other group members with my continual need to share-- I have a comment on just about every topic going-- but that's okay. I have to annoy someone, may as well be people who already like me.

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