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07 March 2007

Getting to know you

So we just got back from church, and tonight was one of those special all-together-in-one-class evenings that we have from time to time. And I really enjoyed it. The topic of the evening was individualism v. community, and at one point the speaker mentioned that people often will push others away, even while trying to get closer to them. And I thought, Wow, did he know I was coming? I love being around other people, I love getting to know them, and yet there is something within me that stops short of actually getting to know people. What is it about me that causes this?

In a completely unrelated, and certainly less important, subject, yesterday I rode my bike to and from work, and during lunch I walked down the street to the hospital to "do the stairs". As a result, I now have sore, stiff, swollen calves. I really hope this little problem resolves itself by tomorrow. Going down stairs has been torture all day, to the point that I considered sliding down our banister to get to the car earlier-- but that might cause me to kill myself and would most certainly cause me to injure myself further.

Also this evening, we got a really nice note from someone at church, and not for the first time I wondered, Is it appropriate to send a thank-you note in response to a thank-you note?


tim rush said...

I don't think you have to send a thank you note in response to a thank you note. But maybe in response to a "sorry you fell off the banister and killed yourself" note.

Good luck with that.

Su said...

Thanks for clearing that up. If I do kill myself, I'll leave the note-sending to Chad.