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16 August 2007

And finally

One perusing my blog might think that I am quite verbose today, since this is my fourth post! And I would agree, except that I think I am verbose every day. :)

This is more in the nature of my final thought. With school already started for some, and imminent for others, this is the time of year when the thoughts of many turn to new beginnings. Being currently free from the encumbrance of educational calendars, I tend to think about new beginnings once every few weeks, but I have found myself caught up in the prevailing thought patterns lately.

We are drawing nearer to autumn, and everyone knows that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year follow with alarming rapidity. This year has less than 4 1/2 months left.

So my question is, How can I finish 2007 well? What can I do with my 4 1/2 months to make this a good year?

I will answer those questions. Soon.

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