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28 August 2007

Bourne Again

Yep, we saw the third Bourne movie Saturday. I really liked it-- almost as much as I liked the first one. I don't think I liked #2 as much, and I'm basing this belief on the fact that I don't really remember it.

So here's my chief complaint about Ultimatum: the entire darned movie was filmed with jiggly cam. I had motion sickness by halfway through the film. I thought about going out into the lobby for some water and non-moving scenery, but I didn't want to miss anything! It took an hour of lying down once I got home to convince my body that we weren't really going anywhere.

Good thing I never saw The Blair Witch Project. The previews for that movie alone were enough to make me ill.

1 comment:

Kar said...

That seems to be a up-and-coming thing in movies. Firefly and Serenity do it a little (Joss Whedon series/movie--have you seen it?), but not in a way to give me a major headache--theirs is just an "in-the-moment" casual style of camera work and I like it. But I feel for your head because once in high school, our teacher was bent on us seeing a movie but the tracking was jumping horribly and she couldn't fix it. My head hurt so bad after that.