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23 August 2007

Did you notice the Bejing Olympics are less than a year away?

That has nothing to do with my post. I just wondered if anyone else noticed.

So, Chad and I braved sales tax holiday last weekend to get new stuff. For me, that was a couple pairs of running shoes and a swimsuit. For Chad, it was a lot more complex; people don't give him their old clothes, for some reason, so he has a lot less than me. (I'm not kidding-- I haven't bought new jeans since I was an aim student.)

So he had to have jeans. And shorts. And running shoes. (And I am now praying that the Lord sends us sons who will be short, with small feet, after seeing the prices on men's shoes.) And a shirt. But the upside is, now our friends at church will be spared seeing him in the same awful outfit he was wearing every week. :)

And the crowds weren't too bad, since we went out in the morning. It was actually a pretty fun day, although we were exhausted by the time we gave it up and came home.


sparquay said...

So I thought i'd drop by, read the blog and see how things were going with you. BTW, I hate to break this to you, but... just because the sizes would be smaller doesn't mean it's cheaper. So maybe pray for bigger kids so you get more value. Or something like that...

Su said...