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05 October 2007

The Haircut

So, if you haven't seen me in a while, my hair has gotten kind of long:

I wear it up when it is hot.

Combing it out before I went to get it cut.

From this angle, I could well be Amanda. But I'm not. (I think our hair waves in different spots.)

The last long-hair shot.

And this week I decided that doing my hair half-a-dozen times a day was just too much, and it was time to go back to a length that doesn't require taking it all down just because I want to ride my bike, and then up again if I want to do anything else. And while I was at it, I decided a new colour was in order.

So here we have the new hair:

Sticking out in all directions (something new for me)!

Still waves in the same spot...

And I think this is the only one in which the colour is really visible.


Kar said...

Wow, you're hair had gotten really long. I like the new 'do. :) I am planning to cut mine very short soon, too; it's gotten quite long tho only half as long as yours (it reaches to the bottom of my shoulderblades).

Also, you speak Gaelic? *jealousy, jealousy...* They're actually offering a class here on Gaelic but I don't have time to take it. Much temptation. :(

Su said...

Are you going to colour it as well?

Kar said...

I would really like to color mine, but I doubt I can afford to right now.. :( If I do though I've been thinking how nice chocolate brown with light, sort of caramel highlights would look. I don't know if I'm sure I want that yet or not, but I've seen people with dark hair do the caramel thing (my word for it, not theirs) and it looks really good. If I do, I'll show you a picture. :D

And as to your question... hmm.. I don't know, but I could just learn Hebrew or something and speak that out loud to myself.. I do think it would be cool to learn Hebrew.