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14 October 2007

Missed my 200th post.

This is # 202. I think.

So about an hour before we had to leave for house group, I remembered that Rebecca was bringing food, so I phoned her to offer to bring some cookies. (Casseroles and dessert are all I am good for when it comes to food.) Then I asked Chad what he wanted, thinking no-bakes or something. Well, he wanted chocolate chip cookie bars.

Which brings me to the point of this whole exercise... Why, oh why, do cakes, brownies and so on require you to grease and flour the pan?


Beth said...

It's because the flour is actually what causes it not to stick. The grease is just there to hold the flour in place.


-Grahame (I go by my middle name online)

sparquay said...

Hmm, I didn't know that.

Su said...

Hi Beth/Grahame! Cool to see that you stopped by.

I actually don't mind flouring the pan, it's just that I end up flouring myself in the process. I should probably just make myself an apron and stop moaning. :)

Su said...

Also, if I went by my middle name online, then we'd go by the same name online.