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24 August 2008

And it's final..

Diving wins gold.

Not the American divers, although they did put up a valiant effort. Not Matthew Micham of Australia, who was the spoiler for China's would-be sweep. Not even the Chinese themselves.

No, this particular gold is for the irritating commentary, and the diving commentators win it. Last night, I couldn't take any more of Cynthia What's-her-name's voice, so I watched the last two or three rounds on mute. I even turned off the closed captioning, because I was not interested in knowing what she had to say any longer. It wasn't just her voice, although that is grating enough; with her inflections and tones, she should be playing a whiny housewife on a sitcom somewhere. It was also her very slanted opinions (in her eyes, the Chinese could do no wrong-- and everyone else (except Thomas Daley) could do no right) and trips into the "if I were a judge" territory. Perhaps in London they will make you a judge, and give the rest of us a break. NBC, find this woman a different job. And let Jennifer Wilkinson have a go at the commentary.

Silver in the event goes to the entire Track & Field commentary team at NBC. They were so close until last night to having gold, but in the end they couldn't be quite as irritating as Cynthia.

And, rounding out the medals in bronze is Jim Lampley. Now, he was not expected to be a factor in the irritating commentary event, since he was technically the daytime presenter. No matter, though; he overcame that little obstacle to annoy us all on a daily basis and claim the bronze medal. Again, NBC, I hope that before 2010 you can find someone with some skill at delivering a line, not to mention a little bit of charm when addressing the camera; Jim Lampley lacks both. Give us more of Mary Carillo. Or let Meridith, Ann, and Al work through the afternoon hours so we can see more of them (but not Matt Lauer; he is just as annoying as the rest, I'm afraid).

Or, better yet, put my favourite commentator into some overtime: Let Rowdy Gaines do it all. Now there's a man who knows how to deliver interesting, informed commentary. He does deserve a medal.


Timbra said...

your GOOD olympic commentary takes gold for me. susan you totally crack me up!!! i am watching the closing ceremonies at the moment. . .sad that it has all come to a close, but so many amazing moments!!!

Su said...

Awww, that is so sweet! I'm glad I can crack someone besides myself up once in a while. :)