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23 August 2008

Golden days, Silver nights

I have so much Olympic blogging in me it's driving me nuts, but when it comes down to it, I'd rather watch an event than blog about it. So here are the highlights:

Michael Johnson jumped up and down and smiled brightly when Usain Bolt broke his 200M world record. Now, there's a man with class, even if he is working for the BBC.

The T&F commentators are running neck-and-neck with the diving commentators for gold medal in "Really irritating commentary". I don't think I can say at this point which will win.

Jeremy Warner: Man, I wanted you to win. Kudos to you for walking away from the reporter though.

Paula Radcliffe, you are my hero. London is calling: 2012 is your year.

It's a shame Katie Hoff's games didn't go better. I was so everlastingly tired of commentators who introduced her time after time as "Katie Hoff, who trains in the same pool as Michael Phelps." Seriously, this woman has had enough success in her own right that she doesn't need to be linked to the Fish Man every five minutes. All I can suppose is that they think Phelps has been peeing in the pool, and that gives her an extra boost of some sort. (Probably to finish her workout quickly and get out!)

Speaking of the Fish Man... Wow. There's just nothing left to be said that hasn't been said by everyone else. He has a really cute dog, too.

So, this seems to be Indiana's year for the Olympics. Thus far, I've counted at least five athletes from Indiana (two gymnasts, three divers), and a few more who train there. I really wanted Haley Ishimatsu to do well, after she and her family moved from Southern California to Indianapolis so she could train with her syncro partner. Talk about sacrifice.

If I see another volleyball game, I will lay on the floor and cry. Isn't there some archery going on we can watch instead? Field hockey?

And to top it all off, I didn't get to see ONE SECOND of Roger Federer playing! Or Rafael Nadal. I did catch about five minutes each of the Williams sisters. Actually, it's part of my plan to watch the gold-medal matches (doubles for Federer, singles for Nadal) eventually, though your guess is as good at mine as to when that will happen.

Okay, coverage resumes in 40 minutes. I had better get a move on.

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