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01 August 2008

A year ago today...

A year ago today... I set my phone to "vibrate" for church, then forgot to put it back to ring.
A year ago today... Grandpa got out of bed at the nursing home, insisting that he was "going home".
A year ago today... jokes were told, prayers were spoken, and a family shared time together.
A year ago today... Grandma went to bed a wife, and woke up a widow.

Of all the nights for me to not put my phone by my bed, as I had done every night up until then (and have done every night since). Thank goodness the nursing home staff didn't agree with Grandpa's request (because I am so glad Grandma didn't wake with her husband's cold body beside her). And it turns out, of course, that Grandpa was right; he was going home.

If only I could have been there for that final night (that we didn't know was the final night).

I don't think Grandma will get much sleep tonight, because I'm sure she wishes she had sat up all night a year ago today.

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