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26 July 2008

12 Days, 20 Hours

Only two weeks until the Olympics begin! Yes, I am excited at the prospect. Why? Well, for one thing, there is currently nothing on TV worth watching. Okay, there is the Tour de France, but I don't have cable, so I'm stuck with nothing.

For another, it is so nice to have such a diversity of sports available for watching in such a short time. American sports broadcasting-- on network TV, anyway-- is consumed by football, basketball, baseball, and Nascar. You get the occasional soccer or tennis match and special events (National championships in figure skating and gymnastics, for instance), but that's pretty much it. I may only get the highlights of the Games on network TV, but we do the the highlights of a wide variety of stuff. Fencing, for instance. The only time I ever see fencing on TV is during the Games. Not to mention diving, swimming, archery... et cetera. One of the girls at work asked me a couple of weeks ago which Olympic sports I like, and I said without hesitation, "All of them. Except for beach volleyball, and I'm not really wild about weightlifting."

Which is true. I don't watch beach volleyball.

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