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06 July 2008

I sense a disturbance in the Force...

Seriously? Roger Federer loses Wimbledon? It's like there is something wrong with the universe.

The final was the longest in history, and it was absolutely fantastic. If you missed it, boy did you miss a good one. My sister has informed me on more that one occasion that she is "tired" of Federer v. Nadal matches, but I told her today that if she couldn't find this match exciting, then there is something wrong with her. She is more of a Nadal fan, so she is a lot happier than I with the result.

All credit to Nadal, of course; he has worked hard for this title. And this is shaping up to be a good year for Spain. But I really, really wanted Federer to get 6 straight. And as I told Chad, I am more bummed by this than I thought I would be. Something wrong with the universe, seriously.

Also, I love it that the crowd at the Olympic Track & Field trials were chanting "Come to Oregon!" when Jordan Henesay set a new high school record with her 1500m time.

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